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  • vacanze in toscana in casa vacanze
  • vacanze in toscana in casa vacanze


Montecatini Terme

Montecatini's thermal baths are the treasure of our area, built on real ancient spas. 

Very famous the mineral waters (drinking) recommended for doctorts in Italy for cleaning and sanitize the nose – mouth tract. You can find here a wide range of spa treatments from massages to mud baths, saunas and all kind of bath treatments.

Monsummano Terme

Monsummano's baths are an old establishment back to the early '600 with an big tradition to thermal tourism. The thermal caves (Grotta Giusti) are spectacular with natural underground lakes.

Three caves with different temperatures (Paradiso, Purgatorio,Inferno) defined the eighth world's miracle fro G. Verdi are an outstanding experience. Modern structures and treatments include even spa floating and diving!

A big open air swimming pool with the thermal waters and hydromassage is available all year.

  The mineral water in continuous replacement of the cave Talking gushing from the rock, has a constant temperature of 34 ° C. The bicarbonate-sulphate-calcium-magnesium instead of Grotta Giusti have a temperature gradually increasing from a minimum of 27 to 34 ° C, passing in the three successive cavities named Paradise, Purgatory and Hell. +) The waters of Talking Cave are indicated in respiratory disorders, locomotor, in diseases of the urinary and gynecological diseases. In addition to therapy in these cave waters are used with massage, mud baths and thermal baths ozonate. Le Terme Grotta Giusti Terme Monsummano are used in a mud bath, balneotherapy in tanks enriched with ozone to stimulate cellular metabolism of blood vessels and are also used in the field of thermal and inhalation in the gynecological field). A Grotta Giusti Spa is a modern spa offering various beauty treatments offered by the Laboratory Dermocosmetologico and the Institute of Aesthetic Spa. A Grotta Giusti Spa required only one day to be able to immerse themselves in the welfare and benefit of treatment Day Spa.



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